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Eliminate Debt

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Eliminating debt. This is big! There is nothing worse than feeling like you’re in bondage to the creditors and the heaviness that comes when all of a sudden, the money gets tight and you’re trying to figure out how to make ends meet. That is the worst feeling in the world and so our goal is to educate you on how, do you go about eliminating debt.?

How do you go from not having a mortgage, that is draining you of thousands upon thousands of dollars? Did you know that your actual mortgage rate is not the two or three percent that so many of you out here have right now? If you go back to your truth and lending papers is closer to like 60 to 75%. You just have to understand how that works.

Did you know that carrying the college debt out for years, you could have paid for college multiple times? So, we try to show you ways to educate you on how you eliminate debt. Eliminate the credit card. How you eliminate car loans. Everything!

Did you know it’s possible to get you out of debt in three to seven years? Not changing your budget at all from where you’re at today, but learning the mathematics and the way, the proper way to go about getting your debt under control. Because you know what happens when your debts gone? It puts you in the driver’s seat.

You become the one that’s in control of your life, your destiny because when you’re paying that money to someone else, they’re getting rich you’re not. So, our goal is to teach you how to be smart, how to be wise and how to become your own banker so that you can live your life on your terms and not have to go to the bank asking for money when you need a car or anything else for that matter. That you can go to your own banking system.

There is a way to do it. It's not hard it just is lack of education and it's not your fault it's never been taught and there’s a reason it’s never been taught. But guess what? We’re going to give you some information that will help you, inspire you to take control of your finances and get in the driver seat of your life and eliminate giving your money to other people to get wealthy and put it back in your own pocket. So, you to live the life you want on your terms.

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