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Social Security Planning

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A lot of people when they’re getting ready to retire they’re questioning, do I draw Social Security early or do I not? And in today’s world we have so many people that are working so much longer that they’re delaying drawing their Social Security and that’s OK, but there is a lot of calculation that needs to go into that.

Because you want to look at especially, if you happen to be someone that is married, you may want one of you to draw so security earlier and leave your retirement nest eggs to continue to grow and the other one to draw later and let their Social Security do the step-up basis of up to the 8% depending upon your situation.

But that really warrants a real comparison to be done. Other than that, we do have a resource for you of how you go about the step by step guide to signing up for Social Security because we do have lots of people that come to us with that very question. They struggle with how do I sign up if the Security Administration is not in office working, how do I get signed up, do I do it over the phone, so there’s lots of questions that you may have.

Now if you have further questions feel free to go ahead and reach out to us. Our contact information is available too, as well because we do realize this is a complicated topic and it does warrant doing some calculating. Because one thing you do have to consider if you are married is, if you happen to be the wife and the husband would happen to pass away and he drew so security early his benefit will not be as high for the wife to take his benefits or vice versa.

In today’s world it’s a little bit different than it used to be but the guidelines still kind of run the same. You want to make sure that you’re looking at the whole picture and not just what is the check going to be today, because it’s those future things, just as I talk about once again, seasons of life. Seasons of life are not for just one season.

Seasons of life is the transition through each season, so it is something that needs to be addressed. It needs to be understood and it needs to be evaluated. So best wishes to you in your decisions.

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