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End of Life Planning

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And I will tell you, end of life is about you choosing to share that experience with your family because, you planned. So that’s your funeral planning? How do you want your funeral? Do you want a service? Do you not? How do you pay for your funeral? Do you have assets to do that with? If you do the planning, you can give your family the gift of not having to sit there with the shock of the loss of you and now they’re having to try to pick things out and worry the whole process through, is this what they would have really wanted? and did I do it right?

So, I’m a big proponent of you taking the time to do this planning. To communicate together and figure it out. No, we never want to lose a loved one, but the truth is, if we can help soften the hurt that’s going to come by not having to be in that awkward situation trying to make those decisions. It brings so much more peace, so much more comfort to the loved ones that are here.

There's more to that than just planning your funeral. You have to think about the transfer of your assets. What is going to happen to the transfer of your assets in the event you pass away? Are you married? Are you single? Do you have any children? Do you have no children? Who is going to benefit? This is where you need to really think about your beneficiaries as well. Because so many times people miss this point. They have wrong beneficiaries or no beneficiaries on their documents and that is just a nightmare when that happens.

You need to have that stuff clear and precise and should be reviewed at least every couple of years if not annually. And then on top of it what charitable gifting do you want to do? Do you have charities that are your preference? All of these things are part of the end-of-life plan that can make that time that is difficult into a more appreciated and less painful situation.

Take the time to have the conversation do the end-of-life planning. If you click below and put your name in, there is a guide down there that we send out to you when you provide your information. Will send out to you for you to use with your loved ones. And if you don’t want to use it with your loved ones and you want to do it privately, do it privately but put it somewhere that they can find it. Because the worst thing can happen is they’re digging to try to find out what information they really need.

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